Keys to Running a Half Marathon

Chi, also known as life force and bio-energy, refers to that natural force that moves within the body to keep it functioning well. The Chi nourishes the body. The practice of chi is very popular in the Orient by the religious followers of Taoism. They use chi to keep balance between man and nature, giving way to more positive energy towards their body. The use of chi has slowly gained acceptance in the world. Danny Dreyer, a proponent of chi running, applied chi in his ultramarathon runs.

For success on race day, you must prepare and train your body with diligence. For 10 weeks leading up to the race prepare a training schedule that begins with 3 mile runs and does not exceed 12 mile runs. Identify what program is right for your running skill and experience level, then stick with a strict plan that includes three days of rest per week. Make sure not to increase your mileage by more than 10% each week, as you will risk over-training and injury.

Like every new idea, this type of running also received a lot of disapproval and criticism. Most runners are skeptical of this technique. Experts have disagreements with the midfoot strike because, according to their opinion, a change in the running style increases the consumption of oxygen when running and would be inefficient. On the approving side, the claim is that chi running is more “biomechanically” effective, but still there is no evidence to validate this claim. Other supporters also claim that chi running reduces running injuries, but, like the first statement, this statement is also not scientifically proven, it is only mentioned on websites that support this type of running.

Even if it is not your first time running a half marathon, you will most likely feel overwhelmed with excitement at the starting line. One of the best parts of running a half marathon is being rewarded with such an energetic and motivating environment. Try not to let the excitement inadvertently increase your normal pace.

The focus of chi running is more on moving in an efficient and natural way. Running as “one with the road”. Its emphasis is on the form of the runner, not his speed. In chi running, a runner should be relaxed to be more efficient.

For such a challenging endeavor, arm yourself with the proper equipment. It will not only keep you free from injuries and nagging blisters or rashes, your running gear and accessories will keep you motivated to stick with your goal of running a half marathon. Have high quality running shoes with padded insoles; take heed of your foot’s individuality and plan your shoes accordingly, as they are the most important part of your running gear.

Chi running always talks about being one with nature and you can only achieve this if you are going to relax yourself.

This technique starts with exercises that loosen the body. The body should be aligned in a vertical column when stationary while leaning forward when running so that the body will be pulled by gravity. Instead of the typical heel strike when starting, runners are encouraged to start with a midfoot strike. It is also important to maintain a constant rhythmic pace when running. Give focus on relaxing your lower extremities and eliminate any discomfort, body tensions and pain.

For beginners, chi running instructors are available and willing to guide you throughout your training. Experts have also produced self-help materials such as DVD’s and books to give you a broader idea about chi running, how to do it, and its benefits. These resources help you to properly perform various exercises and perfect techniques. Without proper guidance, you are susceptible to improper use and can lead to strains and even injury.

To finish the race strong, you must keep track of your mile pace and stick to one that you know will get you to the finish line. Most runners like to wear a digital clock that can track their pace. Also, do not allow yourself to be affected by other runners. Do not slow down or speed up because of the people around you. Keep your eye on your individual race and utilize your personal motivation as a distraction and a point of focus through the challenging 13.1 miles. Just remember…mind over body.

If you have high arches, go for a shoe that accommodates that factor, for instance. Next, have plenty of comfortable, breathable clothing. Some people find that carrying an MP3 player with them provides an energy boost while running a half marathon. Since you will be able to identify roughly how long each mile will take you, you can prepare a list of tunes to play on race day that will keep you motivated the entire length of the race. This also serves as a great distraction since you will likely experience discomfort during the race.

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